Hello hello!

It’s an exciting day! Not only is it Easter, but this weekend marks the official grand opening of DishpanHands!

Grand Opening!

Click here for the SLURL to DishpanHands!

That SLURL will drop you off right in the mainstore. Please come check it out! If you like what you see, hit the subscribo board to stay up to date on new releases–’cause there will be lots of new stuff coming soon!

Happy Easter to those of you celebrating today!


Mereth Facepaint

Greetings! I’ve got another new product to tease you with, today.

Mereth Facepaint ad

Facepaint! There will be more facepaint to come, but I decided to put this one out first. It’s one of my favorites. “Mereth” means “festival/celebration” in Elvish (Sindarin). So here’s some facepaint that’s perfect for a festive occasion!

The original color of this is white, but it’s tintable to any color. Tattoo layer only, so be sure your viewer supports those.

This goes very nicely with the tribal bodypaint I posted about earlier. Perfect for RP purposes, or for making your everyday av look a little more unique!


Islander Sandals!

The days are getting longer and warmer–Summer is quickly approaching. Among other things, that means it’s time to find a good pair of casual sandals to go tromping around in.

Ahh, yes. Comfy sandals! Perfect for when you don’t want to wear shoes, yet you know that you should. Made of all natural dyes and fibers… and carefully hand-crafted by elves. :3

I wear these all the time with various fantasy-style outfits. They make a nice change, especially if you’re used to wearing nothing but boots, and you want to mix things up a bit. I’ve also seen my friends wearing them with modern-style outfits–like jeans, sundresses, and casual shorts. I didn’t expect it when I made them, but they look great with modern clothing, too.

Each sandal is just one prim, which is perfect for busy (laggy) RP sims, and low-prim enough to leave on the floor of your home as decoration. And resizing them to fit is super easy.

You get all five styles shown in the pic; they’re mod/copy/no-transfer. (Please note that the SLink feet ARE NOT INCLUDED. But if you happen to have a pair, and if your viewer supports multi attachment points, those feet fit these sandals very nicely.)

That’s all I’ve got for now–I’m still trying to find a place to set up shop in-world. But expect more things soon!

❤ Aleche

Shop Opening Soon!

Hey everybody. If you’ve somehow found this blog then, well, welcome! This is going to be the update/teaser blog for my shop in Second Life, called Dishpan Hands.

I’m still getting everything set up for my grand opening–there is a ton of stuff left to do. But in the meantime, I’ll tease anyone reading this with a little preview of some things I’ll be offering in my shop.

First up, some adorable butterflies:

Flying Butterflies Ad by AlecheAmat

They really do look like they’re flying! (Thanks to the magic of sculpties and animated textures.) They’re copiable and modifiable, and each butterfly is only one prim each. Tint them any color you want; make a whole field full of rainbow butterflies!

Next up is something indispensable for those of you who RP in fantasy or tribal settings, or for those of you looking to make your everyday av stand out from the crowd a little. Perfect for barbarians, wild elves, orcs, Na’vi, etc.

Body paint by Aleche Amat for Dishpan Hands

This works well in any color, but I think it looks particularly nice in reds and browns. It’s also rather minimalist because, if you’re running off to a battle, or a celebration, you’re not really going to have time to let someone paint intricate little designs all over your body. There is a time and place for that, but this body paint is more the slather-it-on-and-go variety.

All right, that’s all I’ve got, for now. There will be more soon, but first I must work on other important things, like acquiring real, in-world shop space..!

Take care, and thanks for reading.
❤ Aleche